Breakbot Follows Up Amazing Album With Amazing Mixtape

I really should’ve made a bigger deal to all of you about Breakbot’s new album By Your Side which was released on Beatport last week through Ed Banger Records (home to Justice and the late Dj Mehdi, among others). The funk-fanatic and disco-destroyer put out a full fourteen tracks that ooze out of speakers like a cohesive mix of the delicate chocolate used in the cover art (and a special edition “vinyl” edition) and a fine French wine. It’s friendly and accessible indie dance music, that in France would probably be more akin to pop music. While I strongly suggest you go out and pick up the album immediately, if you need further convincing, I present a brand new forty-minute mixtape which will introduce you to exactly what you can expect on the album and then some. If you’re not grooving to this, I’m pretty sure you lack a soul. No tracklist for now, but know that he features about 4-5 clips of songs from his album in here.

Download the mixtape!