I really should’ve made a bigger deal to all of you about Breakbot’s new album¬†By Your Side which was released on Beatport last week through Ed Banger Records¬†(home to Justice and the late Dj Mehdi, among others). The funk-fanatic and disco-destroyer put out a full fourteen tracks that ooze out of speakers like a cohesive mix of the delicate chocolate used in the cover art (and a special edition “vinyl” edition) and a fine French wine. It’s friendly and accessible indie dance music, that in France would probably be more akin to pop music. While I strongly suggest you go out and pick up the album immediately, if you need further convincing, I present a brand new forty-minute mixtape which will introduce you to exactly what you can expect on the album and then some. If you’re not grooving to this, I’m pretty sure you lack a soul. No tracklist for now, but know that he features about 4-5 clips of songs from his album in here.

Download the mixtape!