Flosstradamus New EP X☮

Hours ago the team who created the remix of Original Don that has swept the entire music scene by storm and has brought trapstyle music to the main spotlight just released his new album on twitter…well kinda.

From what I have gathered Flosstradamus‘s release was supposed to go up on midnight, something happend and twitter actually shut down his account due to some type of overload…yeah.

So because we are so amazingly awesome you dont have to stalk someones twitter feed you can grab what he dumped out to all of us right here, for free. From what I gathered this is the first part of the EP, there are more tracks coming later this month, so make sure you stay tuned to grab it before all your friends and explain to them how much better your music is than theres. I could go on and talk about how great these three tracks are but I would rather have you listen for your self, enjoy.

Flosstradamus Twitter | Flosstradamus Soundcloud

Flosstradamus – Twark

Flosstradamus – DRAK KNIGHT

Flosstradamus – DEAF



~Storm~ #FLOSSX