I’m Posting This Without Even Listening To It: Alex Metric Winter 2012 Mix

Here’s how confident I am this mix will be awesome: I’m posting it without having even listened to it. Why am I so confident? Because the UK’s Alex Metric consistently releases songs we love, most notably with his Ammunition Part 1 EP. If you haven’t heard his song “Rave Weapon” boy are you in for a treat. And if you haven’t heard his new remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen”, I suggest you stop what you’re doing, bust out some headphones or crank your speaker system, and check it out when we posted it HERE or on his SoundCloud page HERE or as part of A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Radio October 2012 HERE.

This mix comes as a teaser for Metric’s upcoming release Ammunition Part 2 EP. Although it doesn’t feature a track list, but it DOES say “Ammunition pt 2 Coming Soon………”, we can only assume it features tracks from the new EP as well as other songs from around the world of funky, non-mainstream House (for example, have you heard Russ Chimes’ newest Expressway (part 5) mix yet?). Speaking of Chimes, here’s my open plea for him and Alex Metric to do a song together: please do a song together. And then get A-Trak to remix it. Sound good?


*Update as of 9pm: Yeah, this mix is fucking awesome. It starts out a bit slow but stay with it and you’ll be rockin in no time*