[Pre-Hack Post] Alex Metric – Ammunition EP

FYI: I made this post before we got hacked a few weeks ago and completely forgot about it once we got caught up in fixing the problem. So I know this is a few weeks old news. But this EP is quality free music that I’m still jamming to. If you haven’t copped this yet, do it now.

For being what may be the best EP I’ve heard this year so far, Alex Metric‘s Ammunition certainly hasn’t gotten enough attention. That’s not to say that it has gone unnoticed… In fact, in the three weeks since he debuted the EP for streaming on his SoundCloud, the individual tracks have racked up tens of thousands of plays. For the notoriously creative and constantly innovating 28-year-old British producer, however, it still doesn’t seem like enough. Lucky for us, in an unexpected but welcome move, Mr. Metric released that same EP for free through his website just a few days ago.

The first track, “Rave Weapon”, starts off with a male vocal sample that tricks you into expecting the track to carry on as a indie track of some kind. When Metric unsheathes his guns, however, we discover that it really is a rave weapon. The build is a nice mix from the melodic sample into the drop and this one is definitely going to be used as a weapon in a few major sets and mixes this summer. “Epichords” is appropriately named and brings a nice, uplifting house track. The final track “Anybody Else” is probably my favorite because of the nostalgic Alex Metric feeling it provides. Three tracks of this quality from Metric coming for free is a Godsend. Cruise over to his webpage here to download all three tracks for free.