Justin Martin: Ghettos & Gardens Remixes Vol. 1

Perhaps my favorite Booty Bass-master (click HERE to see what I mean), Justin Martin, put out volume one of his Ghettos & Gardens remixes yesterday. Released on Claude Vonstroke and Justin Martin’s dirtybird Records, this 6-song EP has funky and groovy Deep House, Tech-House and even some Drum and Bass oozing out of its pores. This, of course, comes as a follow-up to the critically acclaimed 12-track LP release Ghettos & Gardens by Justin Martin released back in May. It contains elements of the dirtybird and mothership records families, which have come to be known for their unique and experimental underground House sounds that you can rarely find anywhere else. If you’re familiar with Justin Martin or Claude Vonstroke, you’ll likely see some other names in there that you recognize such as Ardalan, Christian Martin, French Fries, and Catz ‘n Dogz.

My personal favorite standout from the EP is the Catz ‘n Dogz remix of “Butterflies”. Considered by Beatport to be a Deep House track, this one clocks in at 124 BPM although the structure of the song makes it feel much faster thanks to its driving bass line and deep resonating kick drums. “Butterflies” is a song I feel like I’ve heard Claude Vonstroke drop live and it’s one I’d react very favorably to if I ever heard it coming out of club speakers. Beyond that, French Fries’ remix of “Molokini” is what I would imagine it would sound like if Trap and Deep House were to ever have a baby (Deep Trap?). I love the breakdown at 3:00. Rounding out my top three from the collection is Ardalan’s “Lisa in the Sky Remix” of “Riding Spaceships”. It has a very experimental and, frankly, weird sound but I thought it was worth hearing to show you the breadth of sounds this group of producers is working with.

If you like what you hear, don’t forget to pick up the EP over at Beatport and to stay tuned for Volume 2!

Justin Martin – Butterflies (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix) | Purchase at Beatport
Justin Martin – Molokini (French Fries Remix) | Purchase at Beatport
Justin Martin and Christian Martin – Riding Spaceships (Ardalan’s Lisa In The Sky Remix) | Purchase at Beatport