BONES – The Deep End Vol. 2

Gotta Dance Dirty has been one of the longest-standing dance music blogs in the US and has maintained a stellar reputation throughout for covering great music, both on the more mainstream and underground sides. Behind the very successful site, Jonah Berry and Trevor Moffit, also known as BONES, pull the strings as some of the hardest working dance music heads out there, not only by maintaining the site, but by throwing some of the best parties in LA and by leading an innovative and (most importantly) un-cheesy apparel and design lab (see: NightLabel) that gives the whole enterprise such a trendy and classy feel (just look at the cover art above, for example).

On top of all that, BONES has developed a following not just because of his association with GDD but because his DJ sets and regular mixes are some of the most eclectic and varied of any I’ve heard; his music collection contains everything you’ve heard plus everything you haven’t. But what’s most exceptional is Trevor’s handle on the music in there, always displaying the expertise to mix with the whole picture in mind, not just with a song-by-song approach. The second installment in his Deep End mix series showcases just that, featuring deep cuts which would be hard for most listeners to ID but easy for them to enjoy. You have to really hear it to experience it, so go ahead and dive into the Deep End.