Kimbra – Come Into My Head (Opiuo Remix) + Bonus “Paper Planes” Remix

Opiuo comes straight at you with a bass-heavy and extremely funked-out remix for Kimbra‘s single “Come Into My Head”. You’ll never see what’s coming while listening to the first minute or so but when it comes in, it comes in with a bang. At first, I had qualms that the vocals didn’t really fit with the instrumentals but the more times I listened, the more I came to understand the synergy that comes out of the would-be dissonance. Plus, for a free download this good, I can’t be complaining.

BONUS: 3.A.M., who were behind a big remix of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” that went viral about a month back, completely overhaul “Paper Planes” to the point that it’s hardly recognizable  It’s a good thing too, because it’d be hard to remix the original in a less affected way with much success. This one would be right at home in a DJ’s arsenal, sounding more like an amazing mash-up between some hard-as-shit electro and a chopped-and-screwed M.I.A. than a remix… Guaranteed to make the crowd wile out.