Overwerk + New GoPro HERO3 = Bliss

GoPro is no stranger to including dance music in their viral videos. In fact, they were some of the first advertisers who were quick to include songs by Skrillex, Savoy and others in their commercials to accurately accompany the extreme sports action the videos portrayed. Yesterday, GoPro released the promo video for their newest iteration of their HERO series, the HERO3 Black Edition which may have been their most viral video to date: as I write this, the video has well over two million views and counting. Sure, the video is composed epically and features amazing footage from the pint-sized wundercamera, which can now shoot frame rates of up to 120fps (which, for those of you not in the know, is FUCKING INSANE) in full HD. But perhaps the most enthralling part of the commercial is the orchestral electro soundtrack.

I must say my initial surprise that GoPro had commissioned an edit of an Overwerk track, set to drop on his upcoming After Hours EP, was quickly forgotten when I realized that there is simply nobody more equipped to be making this kind of orchestral electro. After all, his The Nth ° EP played out with six tracks full of strings and brass complemented by bouncy electro melodies. The Canadian’s skill for producing these epic kinds of records is exactly what GoPro needed to make this commercial the absolute masterpiece that it turned out to be. Best of all, like much of Overwerk’s music, he’s released this advance edit for free through his SoundCloud. Tell me you don’t want so much more from Overwerk after watching this video (and perhaps a new GoPro as well). No word on when to expect the EP but I’ll set the date at “not soon enough”. I highly suggest you get out there this winter season and get on some snow and get charged up to this song… maybe you’ll become as good of an athlete as some of those featured in the video…

Please all do yourselves a favor and grab the download of his The Nth ° EP and his remix of J.Cole’s “Work It Out” as well, right NOW.