The Tinman Reminds Us Its Okay To Cry

Just about 8 days ago Phil “Tinman” Underdown released a mix titled “So Deep It’ll Make You Weep” on his soundcloud. This very deep house mix is an incredible concoction of house classics and contemporary jams that really contradict its title by putting me in a fantastic mood.

I do not know much about this artist other than that his soundcloud is limited, there is no facebook for his DJ page and he lives across the pond in the UK, Essex I think. Personally I feel that the less I know about an artist the mystery creates its own intrigue. But anyway the mix is absolutely fantastic, I do not listen to a lot of deep house and found the entire mix to be entertaining and great for just about any atmosphere. Please give it a listen and send this guy some love on his soundcloud which will be posted below. Have a good thirsty thursday and stay dancing my friends, cheers!

Phil “Tinman” Underdown – So Deep It’ll Make You Weep

Tinman Soundcloud

Tinman Twitter