“A new track from my upcoming record has leaked out unintentionally. The song is called So Bright. I was not ready to put this track out but some how it’s now posted on multiple sites as well as for sale on multiple sites. I made it available for free download just now on the PL site because it has never been my intention to strictly sell any tracks off my new record. You can download it at no cost now at:http://www.prettylightsmusic.com/#/downloads

This is the first original track we have seen from Derek almost all summer long as he has been feverishly touring the states and abroad headlining every possible festival one can think of. The track drops while Pretty Lights is amidst his fall “Illumination Tourtackling over fifty cities from coast to coast. He still has not announced his plans for New Year’s or when the official album will drop. But at least we can now rest easy and listen to some fresh new PL music as we wait for more announcements. Give the big guy some support at Pretty Lights Music!

Pretty Lights – So Bright