Artist Spotlight: Fashen

David Kutz, originally from Phoenix, is an essential part of the growing Los Angles club scene in the early 90’s. Having 10 years of radio experience, almost two decades of experience as a truntablist, and years of mixtape and remix production, Dj Fashen has managed to keep himself relevant in the growing Dj community.

Fashen has become synonymous with art form that is Djing throughout the world. He gets his inspiration from photography, architecture, and art which allow Fashen to weave in and out of multiple genres.

Like his long time friend, the late DJ AM, Fashen has a wealth of knowledge spanning throughout all genres including electro, rock, hip hop, and pop, making him one of the most eclectic Djs you will ever see live.

This is probably one of my favorite tracks to play any time I’m Djing, its got a great drop but also stays real funky. A good example of how Fashen like to blur some of these genres.

Fashen – “Bam Bam”

Here are some bonus bangers from Fashen as he dabbles in the electro house world.

Fashen – “Lugar”

Fashen – “Champagne”

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