RAC Remix Album – Chapter One

ANDRÉ ALLEN ANJOS is the key contributing and founding member of RAC. Based out of Portland Oregon this self proclaimed remixing/gaming/djing/producing unit of talented artists has been producing original and remixed music that literally has kept me fascinated for years.  Consisting of Anjos, Andrew Maury, Karl Kling, Akutou (art director) and Levi Figueira (tech) these guys have worked in a very diverse field of media from JCpenny commercials to being present on video gaming production. Today I would like to take a second to look at their new remix album titled “Chapter One”.

I have often been a fan of RAC (Remix Artist Collective), one of my favorite collections of theirs is titled “Nintendo Vs Sega 2” where they took old Sega Genesis and Nintendo game soundtracks and put their own spin on them. A cross breed between disco and house beats their tunes are very diverse along with their original production and choices of remix content. “Chapter One” has been out for a little over a month now and has been present in my day to day play list every day and some times I just cannot wait to hear one of their tracks click on while I am at work. “Chapter One” is an incredible treat from these guys, they took a great collection of indie and other popular EDM tracks and put their own touches on them, the results are absolutely prime. 11 tracks long the album traverses over a variety of content that is at some points heavy with very deep and meaningful lyrics but also travels into songs such as Bonafied Lovin by Chromeo and Stranger Love by Classixx, which carries a very positive and confident attitude to balance out the overall attitude of the entire album. I highly suggest this album to all of my readers, I find that there is a little something for everyone here, these guys are incredibly talented and I recently found out the cover of this album made it onto a large billboard overlooking Times Square in New York City for a good amount of time, that is an incredible testament to the rising popularity of RAC and quite an honor to these talented people. Below I will post a few of my favorite tracks and some links so you, dear reader, can grab a copy for yourself. Cheers!

Zee Avi – Concrete Wall (RAC Remix)

Stranger Love – Classixx (RAC Remix)

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovein (RAC Remix)

Lana Del Ray – Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)

go HERE to get their album, trust me, its worth it.