Baauer – “Dum Dum EP”

Baauer is at it again. Storming onto the Trap scene this year Baauer has produced some instant classics. Most famous for “Harlem Shake” and later “Yaow”, the 23-year-old American producer (real name Harry Rodrigues) found his wheelhouse and has truly made a name for himself in this hybrid genre. His latest EP Dum Dum, titled after one of the tracks, may have you using Baauer’s favorite tag,  “Damn son, where’d ya find this?!?” The EP has a definite “dumb” theme with drug references lacing Dum Dum and “In My Nose”. The third song on the EP, “Swerve” is more of an instrumental melodic track compared to the other two that have a more party feel. The horns in “Dum Dum” really bring this track together, providing the harmony for what may otherwise be any other Trap song by an aspiring artist.  Baauer has a unique sound and this song is no different. His productions could back any rapper but they have been standing on their own just fine. My one complaint is each Baauer track generally runs for only about two minutes. Hopefully he will make the jump to more lengthy tracks as he solidifies himself as one of the authorities in the Trap scene. Find the three tracks in the “Dum Dum EP ” and other bonus tracks by Baauer below.

Baauer – Dum Dum
Baauer – In My Nose
Baauer – Swerve

Grab the ZIP file HERE

Baauer – Harlem Shake
Baauer – Yaow
First Aid Kit – Winter Is All Over You (Baauer Remix)

Check out this BONUS mix Baauer did for Rinse FM: