Adventure Club – Need Your Heart (Minnesota Remix)

It should be no secret to our longtime readers what my thoughts on Adventure Club are, so I will save my breath here. Hopefully, though, my thoughts on Minnesota are likewise known, as different as they may be. The Santa Cruz native produces dreamy dubstep bordering on future bass and his sound has evolved even more over the years into some of the most melodic chillwave remixes and originals around. His latest remix of Adventure Club’s “Need Your Heart” is just one of those. Calling the original obnoxious is an understatement, with the only redeeming quality being the beautiful vocals provided by Kai. Minnesota sets the stage with synth soundscapes leading up to the would-be drop, which gets replaced with wide, vibrating harmonies creating an atmosphere of bliss that lasts for over seven awesome minutes. Like much of his music, it comes as a free download once you show him some love on his Facebook page, so please do that. This track is worth it and Minnesota deserves all the love he can get.

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