Claptone – Another Night EP

The mystery duo behind the amazing song “Cream“, which killed it on the Beatport charts in early 2012, are back with their final release of 2012. Since the explosion of “Cream”, Claptone have been making splashes in the Deep House world throughout the entire year while holding true to their anonymity (by not allowing fans to know their names and by wearing masks at their shows).They hail from Berlin Germany and their music is released on Germany’s Exploited Records.

Another Night is a two-song release that features more of their great Deep House funk. The title track, “Another Night”, really gives me a Disco feel with a slap-slap-slapping bass line and repeating female vocals shouting “Another night!” There’s also a loop going in the background of what sounds like some guys shouting/talking to give it a feel of a party happening – this is surely intended to be a party groove. “Weekend” is a bit different with less of a Disco/party feel to it, but the bass line is fat and a piano line compliments it nicely. Some fun “do, do, do” vocals play throughout the second half of the track making for a fun overall feel.

I really like what these guys do with their tracks and although they may be relatively obscure or off the beaten path for you, I suggest you keep them on your radar. Pick up the EP over at Beatport.

*Update 11/30/12: We’ve since had to remove streaming/download links so I encourage you to buy the songs on Beatport. Until then, enjoy these YouTube videos*