Fake Blood – Cells

The summer of 2010 was a seudo baptism into electronic music for me. I was convinced by my closest friends at the time that the Electric Zoo was something that I would be incredibly interested in. Well they were right and I thank them very deep down into bringing me into what has become…well my life. Okay now the nostalgia aside the point is that Fake Blood was actually one of the first acts I saw at Electric Zoo 2010, I had no idea who this guy was or what his music was even about, I really didn’t understand there was different genres of electronic music at this time which made each individual experience quite impressionable. One thing is for sure Fake Blood’s set really stood out and I was shocked to see this middle aged guy get a day time crowd going so hard. I have always been impressed with Fake Blood, and just as I was impressed 2 years ago I am just as impressed with his release of the album titled “Cells”

Not to long ago Fake Blood released his EP Yes/No which was absolutely prime. He even hand painted 100 different vinyl covers for the EP, a buddy of mine purchased one and it is actually really cool, signed by Fake Blood himself and all. Since he released that EP not so long ago it is awesome to see a full album release such as Cells, and to have it be this good…well that just makes this producer stand out from the many. The album is 11 tracks long, each of a very different style, some with deep haunting synths and heavy bass lines some and some upbeat with airy vocals and a bouncy rhythm that reminds me of his hit track “I think I like it”. Anyway its not often you find full length albums by one producer, we are mostly bombarded with 3 track EP’s, teasers and singles. So please take a few minutes and check out some of my favorite tracks from the album and do yourself a favor and grab this album anyway you can, it is well worth it, Cheers!

Grab Cells here – CELLS ALBUM

Fake Blood – Yes / No

Fake Blood – Soft Machine

Fake Blood – All In The Blink

Fake Blood – London

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Fake Blood – I think I Like It