I Listened To 3 A.M.’s Latest Remix at 3 A.M. Last Night And I’m Not Sorry

So there I was, nice and lubricated smelling like a strip club at 3 A.M. last night aimlessly poking around for new music on the interwebs. You know, just a typical Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Coincidentally, I stumbled across the latest track from rising Canadian electro remixers 3 A.M. and pressed play. While I had been impressed before with their remixes of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” and MIA’s “Paper Planes”, this latest one just stood out to me immediately as the best thus far. Not only that, but 3 A.M. showed once again just how varied their sound can be. The Kavinsky remix was a Justice-esque affair, the “Paper Planes” remix was more of an electro/techno instrumental that borrowed the vocals from MIA and little else, and now this FATM remix is straight up a feel-good house track. I’ve just put these guys on notice. And I look forward to stumbling across their next work in the appropriate wee hours of the AM.