HARD NYC Tomorrow ft. Wolfgang Garner, Proxy, Popeska and More

Wolfgang Gartner is, at this point, an absolute legend in dance music. He’s one of the elite who has been around long enough to have seen the comings and goings of many different trends and fads in electronic music – and one who was smart enough to never partake in any of them. His sound, often labeled “overproduced,” which in dance music is very much a term of endearment, is the culmination of countless hours in the studio pouring over minute details until the finished product is nothing short of legendary. His release from earlier this year Back Story, a 13-track remastered collection of all of his greatest hits from the past several years, is a journey into how his sound has evolved, yet remained relevant throughout and will likely continue to far into the future (I recommend you listen to the whole thing on Spotify here). His Love & War EP from a few months back is further proof that his productions get better and better with age. Top that off with the fact that he is a world-class DJ who still uses CDJ’s religiously and tours constantly and you have one of my favorite players in this game.

Tomorrow night, Wolfgang, fresh off his Love & War tour, has teamed up with LA-based event production team HARD for a back-to-back two night run in NYC and LA. Tomorrow, he jumps into the mix at Hell’s Kitchen’s premiere warehouse venue Terminal 5 alongside Love & War tourmate Popeska, Russian techno/experimental producer Proxy and Night SlugsL-Vis 1990. Quite a diverse lineup indeed. The people behind HARD always put on amazing shows and this one is no exception. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to come outside after Sandy and Athena have thoroughly raped your city, this is it. Tickets are still available through TicketMaster.

Wolfgang Gartner – Love & War

Wolfgang Gartner – Montezuma