John Dahlback – The Trip EP


Not many breakout superstars are having a hotter 2012 than John Dahlback.  Dahlback’s biggest hit of the year “Zeus” could be placed in the conversation for top release of the year, planting the Swedish DJ on the Electro House map in the US. He did not stop there, release “Sing That” and now “The Trip EP”.

The EP’s namesake provides everything asked for in an electro house banger. This song may not have hit the clubs yet but be prepared. On “The Trip”, Dahlback is able to seamlessly mix a great bass line with great melodic high notes, comprising something special. China Lake is my personal favorite track on the EP.  It is a dynamic track that incorporates heavy bass that does not completely overpower the track. Jackael Mackson starts off as weird as the artist the title is paying homage to. The glitchy lasers start the song at a rather high pitch before diving right into some deep bass. Breakdown, right back to the lasers. This song may take a few listens to get over the potentially annoying high pitched tones but is too catchy and frankly too good to pass over.

John Dahlback – The Trip

John Dahlback – Jackael Mackson

John Dahlback – China Lake

John Dahlback – The Trip EP Zip Package

*Bonus Tracks*

John Dahlback – Zeus

John Dahlback – Panic