Thankful for Rebel/Pod 18 Mixed By wAFF.

Another month brings us another installment of Tthe Rebel Agency/ Crosstown Rebels’ awesome podcast, this one mixed by Leeds, UK based DJ/Producer wAFF.  Crosstown Rebels with the help of their enigmatic front-man Damian Lazarus, continues to expand their illustrious roster of artists and also continues to bring them to gritty venues near you, so keep your eye out.

This mix brings an ideal smattering of sexy deep house and late-night techno that represents for me how the best nights are spent; living in limbo between these two venerable sub-genres of dance music. I love how edgy the track list is, beginning with Egal 3 “Poate Nu” [Kina] and building up to Seph’s dubby-techno stylings in both “Mist”[Dumb Unit] and especially “Unnamed” [Dumb Unit].  Finally, at around 50 minutes in, we get Nadja Lind “The Pretty” (Eddie Richards Remix) [Lucidflow] which could very well be my favorite track of the mix. It is a vintage-sounding house banger, original track at 125 bpm. I like it because it harkens back to an older tribal-prog sound that has sort of lived on in contemporary deep house and techno. These are shrewd selections indeed, and since music taste is half the battle, I would say wAFF has made his presence felt with a fantastic selection here.  As a bonus, I’ve included his Rainbows EP that dropped on Hot Creations this past summer in addition to Nadja Lind’s “The Pretty” (Eddie Richards Remix). Look for wAFF to continue his underground ascent in the coming year, in the deepest, dirtiest basements (hopefully) near you.

 Nadja Lind-The Pretty (Eddie Richards Remix)

wAFF-Jo Johnson





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