Triad Dragons Debut Their Epic Party Kit

Responsible for producing the biggest dance music festivals in the Rocky Mountain region for over a decade, Triad Dragons have played a pioneering role in cultivating one of the most formidable dance music scenes nationwide. Events like Global Dance Festival, Skylab, Hallowfreaknween, and Decadence NYE, as well as the ever-popular NRG Thursdays at Beta Nightclub – DJ Mag’s #1 Club in North America, 2011 – have solidified Triad Dragons’ position as an industry leader.

Previously only an entertainment company, this newest incarnation of Triad Dragons is maintaining the tradition of packing parties and creating memories, albeit with a new twist.While there are various DJ/producers who play our events regularly, there has never been a cohesive Triad Dragons artist group. This is a completely new project that has been in the works for some time now, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone! The group is composed of TrajikkKevin Alves, and Ha Hau (owner of Triad Dragons).

The group is trying to make a splash with their first release which includes five brand new tracks all available for FREE! The EP plays like one of the many shows I’ve gone to in Denver, one big electro-house anthem after another. Throwing in elements of techno and dubstep leaves us with a more all-around complete album. Give the EP a shot this weekend, I’m sure no one will be disappointed.

Triad Dragons – Noise Complaint
Triad Dragons – Pew Pew Pew
Triad Dragons – Movement
Triad Dragons – Stand Up
Triad Dragons – Firewall (Featuring Joman)

**Zip package available through artists’ Facebook page**

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