Two Awesome Red Hot Chili Peppers Remixes

For as undeniably iconic as the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been to our generation, they don’t get remixed often. And it’s unsurprising when you consider that tackling one of their songs is like trying to reinvent mac & cheese in terms of how important it is to not fuck it up. Their music will always be cherished as some of the best rock music of all time and as a band, they will forever be recognized as innovators and creative geniuses. Interestingly, in the past week I stumbled across two remixes of two of their more popular tracks and both are so well done. Although, like I said, it would be blaspheming to call them as good or better than the originals. Take a listen and see what you think. The first comes to us from Xristo, who produces house and elecro house and had his biggest internet hit a few months back with his bouncy remix of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us”. This time he takes on the all-time favorite “Californication”, aptly labeled as ‘make you want to float music’ on his SoundCloud. The rock edge is dampened, allowing Kiedes’ vocals and phenomenal lyrics to shine through.

Next is a short but sweet remix from unknown producer Swagrid, who made this little gem of a dubstep remix of “Can’t Stop”. It’s just shy of three minutes long which is a shame but it’s very interesting to hear how seamlessly a dubstep beat fits into the original without destroying it.