The Hangover Cure

After a long night at Tropical NYC, to say the least I was pretty hungover when I woke up at 2pm. As I tried to wake myself up, with my mouth feeling like a desert, desperately trying to find something to hydrate myself, I realized that I needed to cure myself because the NYC nightlife does not stop. Lets be real, it’s Saturday, your going to be out with your friends. So, to assist me on my recuperation, I turned to my iTunes see what kind of medicine I could find, and I found some gems for your listening pleasure.

First up we have a nice little edit to a remix done by Major Lazer. This edit to the remix of “Settle Down” by No Doubt, adds some more dance hall flavor with the vocals of Mr. Vegas

Major Lazer – “Bruk It Down” edit

Now that we warmed up a little, here is some harder electro to get you in the “going out” mood

Cryogenix – “Fire Like This” (Original Mix)

Now, its time to get the party started

Franky Rizardo, Roul and Doors – “Elements” (Hardwell & Dannic Remix)

And this last one is for the ladies, its been brought to my attention recently and I can’t deny that I’m starting to like it too

Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch – “Sweet Nothing” (Extended Mix)