Wednesday Weather Report (not really) 11/15/2012

Yesterday I made the decision to delay our weekly Weather Report because one of our bloggers had a really nice music dump and I did not want to just pile another one on top of his so we have another addition of Thursday Weather Report!

Today im gonna feature a few trap music songs, which to be honest I am getting quite tired of it. Due to the popularity of this new genre of music there has been an overwhelming transition for many producers, and many producers just cannot hack it. This leaves me an overwhelming pile of shit to listen through to find stuff thats actually enjoyable. As pretentious as this sounds the only things I have left really to share are from artists that had been creating this trap style of music before its popularity sky rocketed and everyone thought that if you set your car alarm off over some 808s you could be the king of a new genre. Also for the first time I will be featuring a mix in my WWR (TWR) because although this mix deserves its own individual post I believe it must be shared at this instant!

so here we go, hot chick, good beats, and easy reading. Well I am off to ORCHARD LOUNGE at ClUB METRONOME to get funky as all heck tonight, good evening dear readers…and may the force be with you. Cheers!

First up on bat we have Bird Peterson who has been taking really awesome old hip-hop song and making them very very danceable. It is not really trap music its kind of a hybrid of hip-hop and dance and I have been digging a lot of his productions especially his latest EP titled “D4” he also goes under the name Drankenstein as well.

Kendric Lamar – Swimming Pool (Bird Peterson Remix)

Next I wanted to bring some juke into the mix with Ben Aqua . He takes a classic song, Destinys Child’s “Jumpin Jumpin”. If you haven’t listened to anything Juke yet, check this out you might like it, its really growing on me and I feel this is an excellent introduction into the genre.

Destinys Child – Jumpin Jumpin (Ben Aqua Remix)

I think its becoming well known to my friends and readers that I like trap music, this is another tune by CRNKN. I like it I hope you do too.

Father Time – CRNKN

This next track is some Jersey Club another new genre that has been growing on me really fast. This remix I found off soundcloud and there was no distinct producer, if someone can help me out with the name I would really appreciate it you can email me at [email protected]. But its a club remix Tupac’s “California Love” which is an indisputable hip-hop classic that I love, put to a club beat.

Tupac – California Love ( ? jersey club remix)

Last up is Bill Brewsters live set from The Boiler Room. If you do not know what the Boiler Room is its an invite only semi private (its streamed live) DJ set with some of the worlds famous DJs. From A-trak to Boys Noize and DJ Shadow The Boiler Room has been an amazing way to view some of the most talented DJs playing in a very intimate setting. This mix by Bill Brewster is incredible different than anything I have posted before its really funky and I really hope you guys take some time to listen to this through out, its really something cool.

Bill Brewster – 70 Minute Boiler Room Mix