2012 In Review: Moombahton



Well as unhappy as this makes me, I cannot honestly say Moombahton as a genre had a very notable 2012. In fact if you are in touch at all with the current state of Moombahton you might say that it is in a state of serious decline. Although there are still plenty of amateur Moombahton producers out there and websites such as Moombaplus have managed to survive off this talent, for the most part we have seen the disappearance of great blogs such as 110 BPM and Moombah-thong due to a lack of content. Unfortunately it seems that for the most part the big names that made 2011 such a big year for Moombahton have backed away from the genre with the exception of Dillon Francis, Dave Nada, Sazon Booya and a few others. In trying to come to some conclusion on the reasoning behind this miserable year in Moombahton I have come to blame two things. The first being that Trap music stole all the producers and all their time with its next level drum beats and catchy 808 sounds, and honestly I cannot blame them as the two genres share many distinct similarities. The second issue is merely a dwindling and un-enthused fan base with the long and short of it being that the genre isn’t selling out the big name venues and festivals it was just a year ago. Moombahton is always spoken of with respect in and around circles of electronic music, and it is sad to see a reggae inspired track such as  Skrillex and Damian Marley’s dubstep collaboration Make it Bun Dem do so well in a year when a whole reggae inspired genre is simultaneously dying.

I apologize for all the negativity involved in this post, but as a big fan of Moombahton it has been a long year. Either way I do genuinely hope that I have to eat my own words and that I will be sitting here next year at this same time writing next years edition of this review. With all that said we do have some tunes for you, below are our top ten picks released in Moombahton this year. From the OG’s to the newcomers on this years list I would like to personally thank you for these gems and we at MMIBTY pray you continue to bless us with more fiyah in the future.

Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks

Diplo ft. Billy the Gent & L – Butters Theme

Dr. Dre – Still California (Wick-it Moombahton Remix)

Tyga – Rack City (Grandtheft Bootleg)

Sazon Booya X Must Die – Bombo Tiempo

Bro Safari – Uncrushable (Jay Fay Remix)

Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise – Dill The Noise

GTA – Booty Bounce

The Bee Gee’s – Stayin’ Alive (BDTK Moombahton Bootleg)

Craze – Grabbin’ Chochas

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I also put together a little mix of all these tracks that is sure to get the party started, enjoy!