Luminox – Hate Me



Being a forerunner of a new and controversial sub genre of EDM indubitably comes with an abundant amount of criticism, it seems producer Luminox wasn’t able to avoid it, and with the title of his new track, seems quite fed up with it. The trap music movement has been a very fueled discussion over the past year as most older producers, djs and listeners brush it off as a fad that is just the flavor of the week, while other seem to think it is an integral part of the metamorphosis of EDM culture. Luminox seems to have directed this new track at the former and I can’t blame him, trap music has received a lot of flack despite its obvious popularity and success, personally I began playing trap style music earlier this summer, integrating it slowly into my music and it was met with overwhelming approval landing me opening gigs for RL Grime, ETC!ETC! and Luminox himself, leaving me vulnerable to some of the hate within my circles as well.

I like to think that I have an open mind about music and that my tastes vary considerably, but I really do enjoy listening to trap music and I have always been impressed by producer Luminox, and “Hate Me” is no exception. Following suit to the rest of his music “Hate Me” is a big tune, when I mean big, it makes me feel like im king kong walking destroying an Asian city when its blasting through my head phones. I am really digging this track and I am glad to see that Luminox has not plateaued and has been keeping up with his production while he is touring with some of the biggest names out there right now. So here is a pat on the back for Luminox, check out the record below and make sure to show him some love on his social media outlets, embrace the hate.

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Luminox – Hate Me (Original Mix)

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Burlington Readers:

Lumionx will be playing at club Metronome on the 17th of January if you are in town you certainly wanna catch this show. Check the facebook event page here.