A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night (Feat. Skrillex)


Lets talk about blurring the genres for a little bit. The more that Electronic music has evolved over the past few years, the more increasingly difficult it has become to categorize all these different sounds. For example, What is Moombahcore? It’s something we made up to label a sound that sounds like Moombahton and Dubstep but does that mean that it’s not “Electro?” R.L. Grime is notorious for running the trap, yet he is currently number 1 on Beatport’s Electro Top 10 with his “Satisfaction” remix. In that past 2 years, electronic music has crossed over into the mainstream and we have producers like David Guetta and Calvin Harris, huge stars in the EDM world, making music for hit makers such as Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. With the new emergence of Trap, it is only another gradual step that EDM is starting to cross over into the world of Hip-hop. To hear more about genres blurring together, watch “Electro Wars” produced by none other that Sav from Sazon Booya

A$AP Rocky is one of the rising stars of Hip-hop and coincidentally has become one of the most sought after stars in the game. His recently leaked album, Long.Live.A$AP , has revealed to us a collaboration that we didn’t see coming, a collaboration with Skrillex. The track, Wild For The Night, uses the instrumental for Birdy Nam Nam’s “Goin’ In” that Skrillex remixed to make a Trap classic that many of us have heard over the summer. While this is not the first time that Skrillex has ventured into the hip-hop world (Wale – “Lets Get Down”), I will say that this combination of A$AP’s deep voice over the darker Trap remix that Sonny has produce, actually does not sound too bad.

It has been confirmed that Skrillex will, also, be the producer for a few tracks off of Kanye West’s 6th studio album, including the first single off of the album. With Skrillex producing for the most prominent figure in Hip-hop, how do you think EDM will affect the Hip-hop universe moving forward?

A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night (feat. Skrillex)