Birthday Song (Sazon Booya Remix)


Sazon Booya have been making waves in the moombah scene this past year. Playing venues all over the country while simultaneously producing unique and distinguishable tracks on a constant basis; Sazon Booya have been hard at work establishing their brand name in a booming industry.

Remixing a record by hip-hop giants 2 Chainz and Kanye West titled “Birthday Song” and giving it a very powerful Sazon Booya moombah kick was a very pleasing discovery. This track is powerful and complex sampling some key vocals from the original track making it recognizable and very danceable. If you are not familiar with Sazon Booya’s style it is something of a blend of traditional moombahtone with the energy and power of NYC electro. I have been a huge fan of Sazon Booya and a big supporter of their sound for good reason. They recently were just added to  Make sure you check out our interview with the men behind the music here.  So with haste check out the track below and another goodie I added in for good measure, also show these guys some love on their social media outlets provided below, cheers!

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Sazon Booya – In Your Eyes