Avicii Vs. Nicky Romero “I Could Be The One”

Recently, Pete Tong has revealed to us the final edit to “I Could Be The One,” after teasing us and playing this song at every major show and festival for the last few years. This track has gone through many transformations, mainly in the  name. First it was called “Fuck School,” then it was “Stranger,” then we heard that it was going to be called “Nictim” and now, with the addition of the female vocals, we have “I Could Be the One.” With the track being released early in 2013, what do you guys think of the final version of this song? Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this version. The vocals take away from the build up, along with that, the auto-tuned vocals throw me off and are slightly annoying. Let me know how you guys feel out there. Warning: this is not the 320kps version but it’s a little better than the radio rip.

Avicii v.s. Nicky Romero -I Could Be The One (Original Mix)

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As a BONUS here is the instrumental version that I prefer listening to and have been playing in my set for a long time now.

Avicii v.s. Nicky Romero – “Fuck School”