The Bird Peterson Holiday Spectacular Special Edition

Looking to get into the holiday spirit? Well, probably not, because that just reminds you of all the shopping you have to do and are going to leave until the last minute. But, the holiday spirit also means plenty of booze and getting presents, so let’s focus on the positive. Bird Peterson, the guy behind the popular Drankenstein mixtape series presented in collaboration with Mad Decent, recently dropped this holiday mix. After putting out a successful halloween tape and a string of nice remixes lately, it comes as no surprise that Peterson would continue to challenge himself, this time with Christmas tunes modified for your electronically-conditioned ears. It’s actually pretty refreshing to hear holiday music that isn’t corny and overplayed.


You Merry Gentlemen
Happy Birthday (So Frosty)
The Blue Christmas Loo Loo
The Bells
Christmas Trees*
Charlie Part One (What A Tree)
Christmas Time
That Christmas*
Look At All Them Presents
Without Your Loving Arms
The Christmas Waltz
Let It Snow (On Them Boys)
Holiday Smoochin
A Wish, The Moon, And Silver Tongue Stewart*
Uncle Doobie And The Great Christmas Freakout
I Hope (You Have)
Jermaine Ruins Christmas
Charlie Part 2 (Harkin)
Razzleberry Dressing

(* – unreleased)