Christmas Electro/Pop Bangers!!!


Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope that everyone really enjoyed the holidays and received no coal… Anyways just wanted to share some songs that I have been sleeping on for the last few weeks.

First off, We got the new Chris Brown & Afrojack collaboration. This song is huge! Being a huge fan of the Dutch House extraordinaire, The one thing that I dislike about his productions is when he tries too hard to make an electro/pop crossover like “Give Me Everything Tonight.” When he produces songs like that, he really leaves his roots and is almost trying to make a very pop-y record. On “As Your Friend,” he stays true to Nick van de Wall by keeping all of those Dutch house synths that we know and love, and producing what is going to be a huge Top 40 hit. Adding Chris Brown’s vocals is just the icing on the cake, even though rumor has it that this song might never see the light of day (on the radio) because Rihanna has outbid her ex-boyfriend for the rights to the instrumental….. Either way, download this soon to be guilty pleasure.

Chris Brown – As Your Friend (Feat. Afrojack)

Next up, we have “Bring Out The Bottles.” I know that we are all mourning the break up of LMFAO (Just kidding), but Red Foo has come out with another LMFAO-ish production. To be honest, some of these LMFAO tracks are pretty good production wise, the downside is whenever either one of them opens their mouths and start to “sing.” Even though this song has a lot of vocals from Red Foo, the bright side is that when the beat drops, there is none, and if you listen to this song loud enough,  you can enjoy yourself

Red Foo – Bring Out The Bottles