2012 In Review: Trance & Progressive


Today’s second entry wrapping up the year of 2012 in dance music covers some of the best songs from the world of Trance and Progressive House. Often as the lines between genres become more and more blurred, these two categories have been grouped together due to similar characteristics. Unlike their Electro-House and Big Room House cousins, Trance and Progressive songs often clock in at six to eight minutes in length and are more complex in construction; you’ll hear more than just a build-up and drop followed by another build-up and drop. I’ve often said Trance producers are the most talented out there in terms of both skills and creativity, writing these intricate and sprawling tunes that contain so many minute details that really take a trained ear to focus in on. The more time I spend listening to dance music, the more I find myself looking for these tunes that make me wonder how these producers are able to induce chills the way they do.

Just like our selections for the Top 20 House songs of 2012, the tracks we’ve chosen for Trance/Progressive are ones we felt made a big impact in the dance world this year. There are most definitely some we’ve left off, but this should be a comprehensive list of how the Trance and Progressive scene looked in 2012 and of course we were partial to some of the tracks that may have snuck by you (“Isla Margarita” and “Aura” for example). Artists like Norin & Rad and W&W have really started to emerge as top-tier talents, while veterans like Above & Beyond and Eric Prydz continue to show us why they’re legends. You may have overlooked a couple tracks here so make sure to dive right in and tell us what you think! In no particular order:

1. Dash Berlin – Waiting (W&W Remix)
1a. W&W – Lift Off!
2. Eric Prydz (Pryda) – Every Day (Fehrplay Remix)
3. Deadmau5 – There Might be Coffee
4. Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy
5. Sunny Lax – Isla Margarita
6. Velvetine – The Great Divide (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Mix)
7. Norin & Rad – Pistol Whip
8. Genix – Aura
9. Arty, BT, Nadia Ali – Must Be The Love
10. Above & Beyond – On My Way to Heaven (Above & Beyond Club Mix)


And here are all the tracks mixed together in one crispy package —