Is There Anything Better Than Disco and Fixed Gears?


The sport of riding fixed gears is not known by many, and mastered by far fewer. Being somewhat of an amateur on a fixie gives me a better perspective at the degree of difficulty and the skill that is needed to never ever stop peddling. Countless times I have tried to coast which results in my nuts finding the handle bars more often then not. It can be very infuriating as you basically re-learn the art of riding a bicycle. Yet, there is no better enjoyment then cruising through traffic downtown or taking a nice sunset ride down the coast to free the mind. Listening to music is a huge part of this sensation and lately I have found that some funky disco does the trick. Then, like a sign from the big guy upstairs, comes a collaboration between Viceroy and Solé Bicycles. The rest you can pretty much be summed up by pressing play.