World Premier: Sander van Doorn – Joyenergizer (Official Music Video)


Sander van Doorn‘s newest track “Joyenergizer” is a BOMB. This guy is just on top of the world right now, producing hard-hitting and unique-sounding songs that no other producer can match. His production skills are through the roof and he knows how to create the tracks that make crowds go insane – from intimate clubs to festival main stages around the world. I first heard this track when I caught his set on the main stage of Electric Zoo this summer and I remember me and the thousands of people around me going nuts when it dropped. I had one of those reactions where I was saying to fellow Co-Founder bhanna “What IS this?!”. When the recording of his set came out, the track was simply labeled as “ID” but over the past couple months we have come to know it as “Energizer”. Only recently has the name been changed to “Joyenergizer” (which, by the way, I don’t like at all. I thought “Energizer” was the perfect name for this one). After “Kangaroo” destroyed festivals this summer, “Joyenergizer” looks to be the next big thing from the Dutch superstar. Its release is January 7th on Doorn Records, but find the world premier of the official video below!

PS – if you’re going to see him on New Year’s Eve at NYC’s Pacha Nightclub you’re in for a wild night