Shuffle Sunday Vol. 3 Featuring The Crystal Method, Lazy Rich, Michael Woods, Mustard Pimp, and the Gorillaz

shuffle sunday

Welcome to our third edition of Shuffle Sundays! For those just tuning in, this is a song drop from my massive library of tunes that I may have forgotten about over the past several months or years. I simply hit “shuffle” in my iTunes library and came up with some tracks for you to check out. In case you missed them you can visit Volume One and Volume Two at any time. Keep your eyes out for our best of 2012 lists starting tomorrow!

The Crystal Method are a veteran Electronic duo who made some of the first dance music I had ever heard. Getting their start in the early 1990s in Las Vegas, they have had a string of hits and were a prevalent force in the Electronic game far before EDM blew up in America over the past couple years. Their music was played on Boston rock radio and one of their stand-out tracks for me was 1997’s “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” featuring Filter. Their 2005 album Community Service II is a compilation album featuring collaborations and remixes and the song I shuffled on today was “Bound Too Long (Hyper Mix)”. It’s a Break Beats remix (read: sped-up. Hyper is the perfect description) of their original song “Bound Too Long” and is something a little different than we normally post on here. Consider this an educational track.

The Crystal Method – Bound Too Long (Hyper Mix)

This next one we actually posted back in June as part of the Weekly Weather Report but since I shuffled onto it today I might as well drive your attention to it in case you missed it. “Damage Control” is an Electro-House banger by our king of Electro-House in Lazy Rich. He teamed up with Canada’s Hirshee and singer Amba Sheperd (worked with Hardwell and Porter Robinson) to make this a really complete track from start to finish. This is why I love Shuffle Sundays, because it allows me to revisit songs I loved at one point but totally forgot about. Crank this one.

Lazy Rich & Hirshee ft. Amba Sheperd – Damage Control

“Natural High” is a tune that reminds me of the golden age of 90s House music with the beat and more importantly with the vocals of Inaya Day. A lot of my friends were surprised this is a Michael Woods song because it sounds unlike many of the other Progressive House songs he produced. This, however, is one of my favorites from him. I had originally downloaded “Natural High” as part of the compilation Clubbers Guide to 2009 (Australian Edition) but it’s one of the ones that stuck with me. Great party tune.

Michael Woods ft. Inaya Day – Natural High (Out of Office Full Vocal Mix)

Sad but true: the next track was featured on the trailer for Jersey Shore: Italy. The awesome Mustard Pimp took a classic aria, “Largo Al Factotum”, and turned it into an Electro-House banger clocking in under three minutes (crazy, right?). We actually featured this track as one of Co-Founder Soup’s favorite tracks of 2011 but we might as well revisit it here to refresh your memories on a track from last year. I feel like the French duo of Mustard Pimp don’t necessarily receive as much credit as they should, so go download more of their music.

The Barber Of Seville – Largo Al Factotum (Mustard Pimp Remix)

To wrap up this week’s Shuffle Sunday I’m going to shed light on something off the beaten path from one of my favorites growing up: Gorillaz. This is one of their relatively newer songs off the album Plastic Beach that came out in 2010 during my senior year of college. “Stylo” was one of the first singles off the album featuring vocal hooks by Hip-Hop star Mos Def and the track reached #24 on the Billboard Alternative Charts. Chances are if you are in to the Gorillaz or paid attention to Alternative music back in 2010 you’re familiar with this one so take a trip down memory lane and revisit it.

Gorillaz ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack – Stylo 

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