A Few Different Takes on Mat Zo and Porter Robinson’s “Easy”


It’s very, VERY rare that I listen to a song as much as I’ve been listening to Mat Zo and Porter Robinson‘s latest collaboration “Easy”. It comes together with a perfect combination of French touch-influence and progressive house, complemented by such a beautiful sample throughout. It’s a song that puts an immediate smile on your face and takes you to a blissful world where all your problems melt away. Of course, no song of this caliber would be complete without a couple remixes to go with it and, while I’m sure there are to be many more, I figured I’d round up a few of my favorites thus far.

First I want to bring you Landis‘ take, which incorporates some very high-energy acid house sounds into the unsuspected drop, making it something of a dance floor surprise. Doesn’t touch the original where it doesn’t need to, which is very important when remixing a song as well produced as “Easy”.

Mat Z0 & Porter Robinson – Easy (Landis Remix)

This take from producer Change is more of a remix than its designation would you have you believe. It’s glitchy, synth-heavy and opened up with an excellent use of filters on the different stems of the song. It has much more going on in it than the original and will sound cluttered on small speakers… Let this bitch breathe.

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy (Change Bootleg)

Finally, no remix list would be complete these days without a trap contribution. Bring The Noise, not to be confused with electro producer Kill The Noise, has been making quite a buzz with his take on the song, exemplifying what really goes into a solid, minimal trap remix. Chopping up the drop is the highlight of this one and what a highlight it is.

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy (Bring The Noise Remix)

Pick up the phenomenal original and extended mixes on Beatport.