Hot Since 82 Drops His Masterful “8-Track” Album

I’ve been a fan of Hot Since 82 ever since I really got into House music. You know, when I graduated from being a novice who was obsessed with Avicii, Tiesto, and Deadmau5 because I didn’t know any other artists. And not to knock those guys, but you know what I mean. Here’s another analogy: graduating from the main stage to the underground stage. Whatever. Hot Since 82 caught my ear a long time ago and I’ve never looked back.

It’s no surprise to me, as I sit here listening to the continuous mix, that Daley Padley’s latest effort 8-Track is a thing of beauty. The eight-track album is deep, it’s sprawling, it’s groovy, and to be redundant, it’s beautiful. I like when artists develop their own sound and manage to stick to it while remaining unique – that’s not an easy thing to do, yet Hot Since 82 does it so effortlessly.

Included on the album is the lead single “Buggin'” ft. Jem Cooke, which I wrote about last Summer. It has an infectious bass line groove with haunting vocals. In fact, there are two other tracks featuring Jem Cooke on the album both of which are fantastic and equally powerful: “You Are The Light” and “Street Lights”.

From start to finish 8-Track is exactly what the doctor ordered for those into Deep Progressive House. I have images of dark warehouses, Burning Man sunrise sets, island parties, and so much more with this one. Hot Since 82 remains at the top of my list as far as producers and DJs go, which is exemplified by his recent Essential Mix and Cercle live set from Croatia (both below).

Do yourself a favor and grab the album from your favorite spot and make sure to see Hot Since 82 when he drops down on Los Angeles for a huge show! (LINK HERE).