Avicii Actually Nails It With His New Free Track “Three Million”


There’s few figures in dance music quite as easy to hate as Avicii. Not too long ago I was discussing Avicii’s Essential Mix, released back in late 2010, with a friend of mine, commenting on how engrossed I was with the track “ID” on it, which everyone later found out to be “Levels”. It’s hard to look back now and remember a time when “Levels” was as good as I thought it was at the time but I know that time existed. Since then, Avicii has been in Bud Light and Ralph Lauren ads and has become about as close to a sellout EDM celebrity as possible, which to a crowd that tends to lean towards the more esoteric side of music is not a good thing. Ironically, he just hit 3 million fans on Facebook and is celebrating (like he did in the past) by giving away a brand new original. The song is undeniably Avicii right from the start but is also undeniably good. The vocals by Negin are certainly poppy but it doesn’t come across as distasteful. All in all, for a free song, I found it hard to be disappointed and it wasn’t for lack of trying. Go ahead and give it a try.