Clockwork Gives Us a Reason To Listen To Sean Paul

congorock clockwork

It was quite the year for Henry Steinway, a young 21 year old producer out of LA. As the world saw an emergence of artists all vying for the limelight two names were found near the top, RL Grime and Clockwork. Both monikers are owned by Steinway, yea it’s pretty impressive. Maintaining two separate, genre clashing identities can be extremely difficult (think Diplo X Major Lazer) especially when both are rising and demanded at equally exponential rates. Yet this does not affect him somehow. Only a few days ago he released a monster bootleg pack to celebrate 30K likes on Facebook (DOWNLOAD HERE) and now we have his official remix of Bless Di Nation. The track is rightfully described as “quack house”, listen and you’ll find out why.

Bless Di Nation (Clockwork Remix)- Congorock Ft. Sean Paul

**Denver, CO** – Catch Clockwork’s debut at the #1 nightclub in North America, Beta on Friday, January 11th!