Eric Clapton – Cocaine (Kayote Bootleg)


There is a new label to place on the 2013 watch list. Los Angeles’ Sweet Shop Records was founded by Candyland, known for their remixes of “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Snap Your Fingers”. One of the Sweet Shop artists to pay extra close attention to this year is Koyote. The LA based DJ is creating a quality collection of bootlegs. Last week, Koyote released a bootleg of Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine”. It takes true confidence to remix a song by one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Koyote does not have a problem handling the challenge. The track starts off with a real funky beat that lays great groundwork. A smooth transition parlays the intro into the first verse of Clapton’s original. While the entire track is at 128 BPM, the lyrics sound natural and work extremely well with the groovy feel. Koyote blends the main guitar riff into the bootleg without it sounding unnatural. There are some bootlegs and remixes that force the original in, creating a final product that lack depth and imagination. Koyote made sure not to follow this pattern. This truly unique track would even get Clapton’s feet moving. Be sure to “Like” Koyote’s Facebook page for regular free downloads.

Eric Clapton – Cocaine (Koyote Bootleg)

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