Timeless Anthem From PrototypeRaptor


PrototypeRaptor is on the verge of releasing his sophomore album that is even harder to pronounce that his stage name. Nostalgiarithm is set to drop in a few weeks, so he felt it was appropriate to tease us a little with a sneak peek of his first single. Timeless is a funky, fresh bass heavy classic that gets you up and grooving, smile so wide you can’t help it kind of track. The song has got its’ own attitude, bringing some spunk to the table as it unfolds its many layers throughout the course of the nearly six minute long original. I really enjoy hearing tracks like this one that surprise and excite you reinforcing the demand for fresh new sounds. By the way this first track is sounding I am definitely eagerly awaiting the full length album to drop on January 29th via Beatport.

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