Last Lynx – Killing Switch (Sound Remedy Remix)


The remixes that Sound Remedy continues to pump out regularly never cease to amaze me. While still somewhat of an enigma in the dance community, his remixes have gained so much popularity across the music loving web that it’s unsurprising to see him rack up a cool 30K plays on SoundCloud in just four days, as he has with this latest remix. Part of the beauty of his work comes from the songs he chooses to remix: you’ll never see him release a “Clarity” or “Levels” remix. He picks esoteric indie tunes which he then thoroughly tweaks with his bouncy and fun mix of synths and pounding bass that sounds appealing to fans of almost any kind of music. Despite his internet popularity, I’m really amazed he’s not making a bigger splash on the mainstream circuit. He certainly deserves all the attention he can get.

FYI: I’m an idiot and didn’t realize our writer Jake posted this last week. Forgive me and carry on.