Hucci – Ball So Hard



I would like to talk about some big sound, and this is some big sound. Producer Hucci has been popping up on my soundcloud now and then and unfortunately it has not been until recently where I have ha had the opportunity to appreciate this guy’s style, let me explain. Installing a new sub woofer in my car at my age may sound like an immature idea but due to my living conditions it gives me an opportunity to play out music on a nice full range system without getting a hefty noise violation. Well anyway this record “Ball So Hard” popped up on my soundcloud stream and really just made me go “oooh” and playing it out live this past weekend has had the same effect on the crowd.

Another gem from the hiphop EDM fad, please take a second to check out this track “Ball So Hard” by Hucci as well as the rest of his productions off his album “Novacane”, turn that sub up.


Hucci & Stooki Sound – Ball So Hard

Hucci – Ball So Hard

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