Big Gigantic In Burlington VT: Interview + Show Review

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Its Big Gigantic in Burlington Vermont, needless to say it was a sold out show with some of the most dedicated fans that I know. Even though I am a post grad, and certainly detached from the main social stream that college granted me, there was an unavoidable buzz throughout or snowy cold mountain town that Dom and the boys were up again to blow the roof off of Higher Ground.

In addition to my excitement for my fourth time seeing Big G at Higher Ground, I was honored with a brief interview with Dominic the saxophone player a few hours before the show (which will be posted below). Even Dom himself was excited to be back to kick some ass with this energetic crowd. One thing he emphasized was to get to the show early to see opening act Kill Paris, and that if we were fans of his music, we would undoubtedly enjoy Kill Paris’s sound, he did not lie. Kill Paris certainly set the mood right playing the classic big grimy American dubstep sounds that over the past year has really diminished from the scene, a powerful catalyst to the uproar of EDM in the united states, this sound has certainly taken a backseat in relation to the leaders of EDM, so it was a welcomed reminder on what brought a lot of us to this style of sound.

After a brief set break Big Gigantic, climbing their new and improved towering light rigs into their respective positions, Jeremy on the drums, Dominic behind a table of controls with a tenor saxophone dangling from his neck, were met with an uproar cheer from the crowd. Without any delay they dove into it, and track after track they kept the energy going for the entire duration of their set. With little to no lull they even took staple songs such as “I need a dollar” in which Dom played the melody  of thrift shop by Macklemore on his saxophone over the track. Going back to the lights, they were quite impressive, it was hard to believe all of that fit in our small local venue, and the fact that they are toting that around with them across the country is quite impressive.

By and by the show was fantastic, the sound was good, energy was up and the lights, well they were damn bright! The crowd was absolutely insane. Hanging back after the show it looked as if the members of the crowd had just attended a GWAR show, except GWAR forgot to color the crazy shit they throw in the crowd, what I am trying to say here is everyone was covered in sweat, smeared face paint with hair matted to their faces. It was a riot needless to say. I am constantly impressed with Big Gigantic and how they can just bring out the best in anyone and I am anxious to hear what is next for them.

And if you have the option I would certainly suggest going to check them out at one of the biggest winter parties this side of the Milky Way, SNOW BALL!


Look below for the audio clip of my phone interview with Dominic, due to some technical difficulties the introduction was cut off jumping into my first question.

Big Gigantic – Phone Interview

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