Bingo Players – Cry (Just a Little) (Kids At The Bar Bootleg) (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)


REMIXES ON BOOTLEGS! TRAP ON ELECTRO ON DISCO! Holy hell kids, hold onto your hat. Kennedy Jones not only earns big points in my book for remixing one of my favorite bootlegs of all time, but he gets a gold star for taking this tune to the next fuckin level. In a very ambitious move, Jones takes the disco-influenced song that put the Bingo Players on the map, then took the hard hitting bootleg that put Kids at The Bar on the map (they’ve now got a track coming out on Tiesto’s Blackhole recordings) and flipped it on its ass again with one of the wilder trap drops imaginable. Screeching and running the pitch gamut, it makes you screw up your face in a combination of surprise and satisfaction. Enjoy this one throughly and pick up the free DL on Jones’ Facebook page.