Chill Out To Marriage (Baths Remix) by Gold Panda

Nemo has struck! Now everyone out here on the East Coast is left to pick up the pieces and start shoveling ourselves out of 3 feet of snow to get out of our front doors. I know all I want to do after all that heavy lifting and breaking our backs, is relax by the fire or on the couch with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa and listen to some good music. This one’s perfect for a day like today. Marriage (Baths Remix) by Gold Panda has a real captivating sound that’s both relaxing and cool. It’s an example of what you would call progressive minimal music, which has a slower beat than regular house music that a lot of people are used to. It has a lot of authentic sounding instruments and sounds, some you may not even be able to explain. Although it’s a bit of a throwback, coming out in 2011, it’s been on repeat for me for days and it’s just the right song to throw on, look out the window at what Mother Nature has laid down for us and think. Believe me, you can easily get lost in this song. We all need a break from all the hype and craziness of our lives sometimes, and I guarantee this will do the trick!

Gold Panda-Marriage (Baths Remix)