Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Feather Fight EP


For the lovers of deep house and tech house this collaboration is welcomed with open arms and some very big smiles. The big bloke from across the pond and recent recipient of UK ‘s DJ of the Year Award, Eats Everything has teamed up with Dirtybirds’ heir apparent Justin Martin for their first of many EP’s titled Feather Fight. This collaboration comes as no surprise as the two have similar styles and views on the world of music as well as much admiration for each other. They have played some legendary back to back sets in the past and it will be interesting to see how often they will be booked together following this release. The first track on the EP was originally aired of Eats’s Essential Mix in December and the buzz only got louder after that. Feather Fight brings high energy, lovely vocals, along with the great breaks and jungle drum lines making it a quintessential tech track. The b-side of the EP dives a little darker while maintaining the same high energy taking you ona roller coaster of emotions. Harpy carries on for more than seven minutes going through waves of booty clapping and calming patterns, but don’t ever get to comfortable as change is right around the corner. Overall this is a great EP and will go great in anyone’s’ collection in my opinion!

Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Feather Fight (Original Mix) | Beatport

Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Harpy (Original Mix) | Beatport