Spaveech Crunks Out Afrojack’s “Rock the House”


23-year-old New Jersey-based producer Spaveech just sent us his Trap remix of Afrojack’s “Rock the House” and I couldn’t wait to get it posted. “Rock the House” may have been Afrojack’s biggest track from 2012 but what Spaveech did with his rendition is pretty spectacular. Not only did Spaveech Trap the shit out of “Rock the House”, but he added all kinds of samples and even included cuts of various other Afrojack songs such as “Take Over Control” and “No Beef“. Coming in at 6:30 when most Trap songs are barely half that long says something in itself (and no the song is not repetitive at all).

Check out this track and if you like what you hear show Spaveech some love on Facebook! This dude has serious talent so dig a bit further into his SoundCloud tracks if you have some time.