DJ Reidiculous Is Nothing But Ridiculous

Reid Stefanick, otherwise known as “Reidiculous” is a new up and coming 22-year-old DJ from NYC. He started putting his passion for EDM and extreme talent with remixing music in 2010. He became a huge Youtube sensation after uploading a Top 40 remix in 2011, which lead his channel to become one of the most popular remix channels on Youtube in just a year’s time. Click here to check out his Youtube channel! He started his own website where you can download of all his mixes and remixes for free if you vote for his music that he has entered in a couple of contests…can’t beat that deal! It’s a win-win. Click here to check out his official website. They’re all high quality mp3 downloads so that you don’t have to deal with poor quality ones from other websites. He amps up a lot of popular tracks by artists like Nervo, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Tiesto, and Nicki Minaj. Because of his high succession rate on Youtube, he earned a spot on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show as the mix show DJ, which is one of the biggest FM radio stations in the U.S. Every friday, Reidiculous puts together a sick remix that airs on the station and posts to his Facebook, as well as being available for a free download. Give today’s a listen! Happy Friday!

DJ Reidiculous-Friday Mix 02-01-13