CLUBHEADSLIM (feat. Chippy Nonstop) – Shake [PROPE0006]

I am certainly digging all the great Jersey Club that is becoming more and more popular to produce. A repost on my soundcloud by a popular trap producer based out of Japan who has founded his own bass orientated label called PROPERPEDIGREE, makes me happy to see that maybe these producers that have been riding the fad wave are starting to branch out and test new styles of production, for we all know that change is a necessary aspect of survival.

My opinions on the durability of music genres aside this is a very ear catching tune, if you have been alive the past 20 years there is no chance you wont recognize the sample being played, and so should everyone else around you. The jersey club genre that is developing is taking classic hip hop samples and making them very danceable, this is a prime example. Maintaining a lot of the original synths and vocals from Sir-Mix-A-Lots’ original hip hop anthem the tune hits home to just about anyone. I don’t have much information on the artist CLUBHEADSLIM nor can I find much on him/her through the intertubes, but check out the PROPERPEDIGREE Soundcloud page for more from him/her and other like them, cheers!